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Faster, more fluid animations.
The leading animation toolset brings back the Bone tool so you can easily make your characters move with fluid, natural motion. Plus, make the most of your animations in web ads thanks to sprite sheet generation, and import H.264 videos directly on the Timeline.

Lifelike animation.
The Bone tool is back. Give your animated objects super-fluid motion by linking a series of symbols together with a bone structure.

Optimize ads and more.
Minimize the number of files in a Flash for sale project by exporting the bitmaps in your HTML5 Canvas as a single sprite sheet.

Video import on the Timeline.
Drop H.264 videos right onto your Timeline to use as a guide layer.

Complex animations made easy.
The updated Motion Editor gives you granular control over motion tween properties like color effects, transformations and many more.

With Flash Professional CC, you always have access to new features as soon as they’re released.

Lifelike animation with the Bone tool
Bring your characters to life with advanced kinematics. Link objects together and manipulate them in real time to create natural, dynamic movement. The Bone tool — back by popular demand.

Sprite-sheet export
Minimize the number of files in your project. Export the bitmaps in your HTML5 Canvas document as a single sprite sheet. Make the most of your animations in online ads and meet Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) guidelines.

Video import on Timeline
Import H.264 videos directly onto the Timeline to use as a guide layer.

Audio splitting
Split audio files directly on the Timeline to coordinate blank frames as you animate.

Brush at any scale
Zoom in or out. Your brush can now scale to match the stage size. No overgrown or microscopic brushes.

Save at lightning speed
Saving large files is faster than ever. No more waiting. Save your file and get right back to it.

HTML5 optimization
Publish HTML5 projects without the waste. No unused library items, keyframes, or assets. Drastically optimize your finished projects.

iOS 64-bit support
Take full advantage of advanced 64-bit processing in iOS to create rich interactive apps.

Expanded WebGL support
Publish fully interactive animations — with scripting and audio — to the WebGL format. They can run in modern browsers without Flash Player and take advantage of GPU-accelerated hardware.

Custom brushes
Create your own brushes to get the ideal shape, angle, and flatness. Save them to use again, and access them across multiple computers thanks to Sync Settings in Creative Cloud.

SWF import
Back by popular demand: the ability to import SWFs into your projects as assets.

Animation guides
Control the scale transformation of an animated object to better customize its motion, and transform its color along the path of a motion guide.

Custom platform support
Thanks to a new SDK, developers can extend Flash Professional to add support for more formats.