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Autodesk Infraworks available in Suites:
Autodesk Building Design Suite Ultimate
Autodesk Infrastructure Design Suite Ultimate, Premium


Autodesk InfraWorks (formerly Infrastructure Modeler) software is a conceptual design tool that helps project engineers and planning professionals create, evaluate, and communicate convincing infrastructure project proposals for faster stakeholder approval and more confident decision making. With InfraWorks you can incorporate existing 2D CAD, GIS, BIM, and raster data to quickly create models that more realistically depict the local environment. You can more easily evaluate multiple design alternatives in the context of the existing environment by overlaying GIS data and using infrastructure sketching and proposal management tools. And you can communicate visually rich proposals of these alternatives with interactive navigations, rendered images, and recorded videos.

Urban Planning Design for Infrastructure Modeling

Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler software for urban planning design helps civil engineering, transportation, and urban planning professionals create, evaluate, and communicate infrastructure proposals. Infrastructure Modeler can help to drive stakeholder buy-in and inform decision making with visually rich proposals for transportation, land, water, and energy infrastructure projects.