SolidThinking Altair Inspire Form (ex Click2Form) 2018.2 x64 $65
SolidThinking Altair Inspire Extrude (ex Click2Extrude) Metal/Polymer 2018.2 x64 $65
SolidThinking Altair Inspire 2018.2.1.10338 x64 $65
SolidThinking Embed 2017.2.28 x64 $60
SolidThinking Activate 2017.3.4619 x64 $60
SolidThinking Evolve & Inspire 2017.3.1.8097 x64 $60
SolidThinking Compose 2017.2.3609 x64 $60
SolidThinking Click2Cast x64 $60


solidThinking Inspire

Inspire enhances the concept development process by generating optimal structural concepts for parts and assemblies. It is easy to use and works with all CAD systems.

solidThinking Inspire enables design engineers, product designers, and architects to create and investigate structurally efficient concepts quickly and easily. Traditional structural simulations allow engineers to check if a design will support the required loads. Inspire enhances this process by generating a new material layout within a package space using the loads as an input. The software is easy to learn and works with existing CAD tools to help design structural parts right the first time, reducing costs, development time, material consumption, and product weight.

solidThinking Evolve

Evolve is a high quality 3D Hybrid Modeling and Rendering environment that enables industrial designers to evaluate, research and visualize various designs faster than ever before.

solidThinking Evolve is an all-in-one industrial design tool that allows industrial designers to develop and explore forms faster than ever before, using either Windows or Mac OS X. It enables users to capture an initial sketch, explore styling alternatives, and visualize products with best-in-class renderings generated in real time. Evolve provides organic surface modeling and parametric solid controls, and polygonal modeling with NURBS-based surfaces and solids and a unique ConstructionTree history feature. It frees designers from the constraints of engineering-oriented CAD tools, while allowing the export of digital models required by others in the product development process.

solidThinking Click2Cast

Click2Cast is a casting process simulation software that allows the user to enhance and optimize their manufactured components.

Click2Cast helps users avoid typical casting defects such as air entrapment, porosity, cold shots, etc. thanks to the simple and quick mold filling simulation. Click2Cast offers an innovative user experience allowing the complete simulation to be done in 5 simple steps and through a completely new and user-friendly interface.

solidThinking Click2Extrude

Click2Extrude introduces a new CAD interface and takes a giant leap to a direct CAD to solution approach. Meshing and data deck creation is handled automatically in the background with no user intervention. Hence, users can submit the analysis after creating the CAD model.

Today's extrusion companies are forced to produce a higher mix of complex profiles in shorter product development cycles while simultaneously reducing their production costs. Click2Extrude is a simulation environment to meet these needs and increases productivity by analyzing and optimizing extrusion dies, and process conditions.
Click2Extrude is like a virtual press where the user can visualize material flow and temperature inside a die during extrusion, and make necessary changes to ensure balanced flow and eliminate product defects. Click2Extrude helps reducing costly die-trials.

Click2Extrude is widely used in the extrusion industry and since its inception in 1999, its development is driven by the industry and customer needs.

Click2Extrude introduces a new CAD interface for Click2Extrude solver and takes a giant leap to a direct CAD to solution approach. This approach automates and hides the meshing and data deck creation, and completely relegates it to the background. Hence, users can submit the analysis after creating the CAD model. In this release, interface for steady state, transient analysis, bearing optimization and tool deflection for metal extrusion is supported.

solidThinking Activate

solidThinking Activate enables product creators, system simulation and control engineers to model, simulate and optimize multi-disciplinary systems to ensure that all design requirements are successfully met while also identifying system level problems early in the design process.

Activate’s intuitive block diagram environment empowers users to rapidly build demonstrations of how real world systems function and easily try new ideas without any need to build prototypes.
The first release of Activate provides the best-in-class, modern user experience including:

  • Model based development of hybrid systems
  • Hierarchical, parameterized multi-disciplinary modeling environment
  • Ability to mix signal-based and physical (Modelica) components in the same diagram
  • Easily extensible, built-in block libraries including library management
  • Model exchange or co-simulation through the Functional Mock-Up interface
  • State-of-the-art co-simulation with multi-body dynamics
  • Ease of compiling models into executable code

solidThinking Compose

solidThinking Compose provides engineers, scientists, and product creators with a high level, matrix-based numerical computing language as well as an interactive & unified programming environment for all types of math operations.

Whether you're looking to solve matrix analysis, differential equations, perform signal analysis or robustly study control design, Compose not only offers its users a modern, comprehensive set of tools to enable rapid development, but also offers a powerful engine and an interactive debugging environment for streamlined troubleshooting.
The first release of solidThinking Compose 2016 provides a best-in-class, modern user experience including:

  • High-level matrix-based interpreted language for numerical computing
  • Integrated development environment for authoring and debugging all kinds of math, including multi-language support
  • Algorithm development
  • Language compatible with industry standards
  • Built-in connectivity to pre/post-process Engineering and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) data
  • Extensive math libraries:
    • Statistical data analysis & visualization
    • Matrix analysis & number theory
    • Signal processing
    • Interactive 2D & 3D plotting
    • Differential equations
    • Optimization
  • Interactive command line interface
  • Batch oriented language

solidThinking Embed

solidThinking Embed – formerly known as VisSim Embedded – is a visual environment for model based development of embedded systems. Its highly efficient diagram-to-code capability shortens the development time and increases product quality.

With solidThinking Embed, you can quickly develop virtual prototypes of any dynamic system. Models are built by simply sliding blocks into the work area and wiring them together with the mouse.
Embed automatically converts the control diagrams into C-code ready to be downloaded to the target hardware. The generated C-code is recognized for its efficiency with respect to memory requirements and runtime.