Designing a product requires more than just a great PCB layout tool – you need tightly integrated PCB design software. Expedition Enterprise provides tightly integrated PCB design software, enabling all team members to work collaboratively and more efficiently.

Mentor Graphics Expedition Enterprise VX.2.3 x32+x64 $55
Expedition Enterprise VX.1.2 x32+x64 $55
Expedition Enterprise Flow EE7.9.4 + DMS7.9.4 x32+x64 (2012) $45
Expedition Enterprise Flow v2007.7 $45
Expedition Enterprise 2005 Sp3 $45


Integrated printed circuit board software

Expedition Enterprise provides a complete portfolio of best-in-class solutions for engineering, design, analysis, manufacturing, and data management, delivering:

  • Full data integrity throughout the entire design and IP management process. This significantly improves project schedules, reducing risks and eliminating error-prone manual data manipulation.
  • Flow-wide concurrent engineering, commonly resulting in a reduction of 30-60% cycle time and up to 80% decrease in integration effort across disciplines. This capability enables multiple engineers to work in parallel at any stage of the design process—even from dispersed global locations.
  • Correct-by-design Methodology and Flow Automation can increase engineering productivity by 40% or more by reducing error rate and eliminating time consuming batch post-processes.
  • Virtual prototyping cuts down costly and time-consuming physical prototypes and opens time for cost and quality optimization by improving electrical, thermal and electromechanical quality and reliability.
  • Integrated design-for-manufacturing to eliminate new product introduction risks by reducing design spins by 60% or more, and optimizing first pass yield by integrating the design chain with the extended supply chain.