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Creo View MCAD

A Product Viewer to Share 3D MCAD Information Internally and Externally
It’s hard to share – even when you want to. Think of your last design review. All those important contributors from outside engineering with information that could lower your product cost or make it easier to manufacture. Were they able to use your CAD model? Perhaps they accidentally introduced mistakes or maybe they got so frustrated they turned to (outdated) information. You probably didn’t benefit fully from their expertise. Now it’s on to a meeting with a supplier who’s got a few questions…

In these scenarios, everybody loses - slowly, maddeningly, and expensively. You need a product that lets non-CAD users interrogate the design, get what they need, and do so without jeopardizing your model.

Creo View MCAD is a product viewer that lets users share 3D MCAD information internally and with partners and suppliers outside the organization - no matter what the authoring CAD system. Everyone can use this intuitive software to bring 3D MCAD product models, assemblies, drawing, images and documents to their desktops with a few clicks. Now sourcing can see that the design uses a fastener that isn’t readily available and manufacturing can improve tooling. That supplier just gave you a better deal. With Creo, you’re on the way to faster and higher quality design reviews, improved collaboration, and better products at lower cost.

Creo View MCAD Features and Benefits
Increase control and security
Improve productivity by allowing users to easily and quickly share visual information across the enterprise 
Visualize heterogeneous MCAD data, images, PCB designs and documents within one environment and without native authoring applications 
Provide enhanced, model-based definitions — including annotation details — to quality, inspection and manufacturing engineers 
Accurately measure, section and compare 3D models, and assemble parts and complex product structures

Creo View MCAD Extensions:
Creo View Design Check: a tool to enhance and improve the ‘design checker’ role
buy Creo View PDF Review & Creo View Watermarker: tools that enable commenting on PDF documents without disturbing the original documents
Creo View Interference Analysis: a tool to find, understand, and correct interference issues
cheap Creo View Animator: a tool to develop and deploy animations with the need for CAD tools or special skills
Creo View Adapters: a tool to extend or tailor PTC Creo View toolkits for unsurpassed visual collaboration
Creo View Toolkits: provide a rich set of APIs for creating interactive Web portals, tailored Java® applications, and dynamic Microsoft® Office® documents
PTC DIVISION: a tool to immerse the engineer in the visual environment to experience the product’s capabilities

Creo View ECAD

View, Analyze and Validate Schematic and PCB Designs
No engineer wants a smoldering prototype.

Today’s products can include many electrical components and changes to these can have an impact on the software and mechanical elements of the design or its parts. It’s essential that the entire team be able to visualize PCB-related designs alone or in parallel with overall product designs. But it’s hard to collaborate if you can’t see what’s going on or aren’t sure you have the latest information.

Creo View ECAD is a simple and powerful viewer that everyone can use to get the information they want. No need for either the software that created the data or specialized ECAD skills. Creo View ECAD supports Printed Circuit Board (PCB) data from all major electronic design automation (EDA) tools, as well as drawings and documents from a multitude of sources. Now the entire team can view and then analyze and validate schematic and PCB designs. With Creo View for sale ECAD you can keep your product cost down and test fewer prototypes.

Creo View ECAD Features and Benefits
Browse schematic CAE or physical PCB CAD databases ― without using ECAD design tools ― for library, schematic, PCB and bill-of-materials (BOM) data  
Enable visualization of the full electronic product, including its 3D model  
Query intelligent design data, including component, pin and net attributes  
Follow net connectivity across the schematic to PCB by pin function, to identify bad signal sources  
Communicate changes, comments or red-line data in multiple languages to the EDA user  
Reduce design cycle time by up to 35%; realize significant productivity gains in board test 

Creo View ECAD Extensions:
Creo View ECAD Compare: allows electrical engineers to determine instantly the differences between two versions of a PCB schematic, a PCB layout or manufacturing artwork.
Creo View Adapters: allows engineers to convert essential engineering design data quickly.
Creo View Interface for ECAD: simplifies the viewable creation process for ECAD tool users.
Visualization Solutions
Creo offers a complete visualization solution Creo ECAD-MCAD collaboration extension (ECX). ECX enables a synchronized view of the mechanical, PCB and schematic. Electrical and mechanical designers view the design in the environment in which they are most comfortable yet still find objects in the other user’s domain. Changes made in one environment are updated in the other. Finally, you can see clearly now.