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SPI's SheetMetalWorks enhance the respective basic system by adding decisive, tried-and-tested functions – particularly as regards the closed process chain and digital transfer to the respective NC programming system. SPI SheetMetalWorks is fully integrated into the current SOLIDWORKS CAD software and facilitates precise sheet metal unfolding – even in the case of complex constructions. Special libraries are available for unfolding components consisting of a single part or of assemblies, transitions and connections, and can be expanded to accommodate as many of your own parametric components as you like.

The solution specifically addresses the needs of companies involved in the design and manufacture of sheet metal parts and assemblies. It significantly increases the number of ready-to-manufacture products and makes the design process instant, resulting in dramatic time savings between concept and the testing of actual parts. Solids are created and modified quickly solids through an extended, intuitive, and dedicated command set, supporting typical sheet metal operations.

SPI SheetMetalWorks allows easy, fast, and accurate modifications (variants). Once the design is complete, an extremely fast, automatic 2D flat is generated from the 3D solid. During the unfolding cal­­­cu­lation the sheet metal part will be automatically analyzed. All bend allowances are calculated.
SPI SheetMetalWorks at a glance:

Unfolding according to DIN 6935 standards
Unfolding of imported files tolerances also allow unfolding if inaccuracies appear
Calculation of unfolding depending on table, k-factor, formula, or TruTops standards
Additional information for bending programs of Delem and Cybelec
GEO Export with all bending line information for TruTops
Unfolding considers production radius depending on bending angle per bend
Detailed log file with references to solid model
Alignment of used design radii and real production radii
Unfolding without reliefs at corners and flanges
Optional setting of reliefs during the unfolding process
Arbitrary corner stamps (square, circle, rhombus, laser edge) available
Arbitrary definition of length of polygon edges to enable nibbling
Spline or polygon curve representation
Customizable colors, line styles, and line weights for contour elements, bending lines, and other parts of flat pattern
Unfolding of freeform surfaces (e.g., lofted parts) and other imported surfaces
Bending lines and bending zones, bending line table
Bend marks
Unfolding of freeform surfaces with creation of bend lines for successive bending
Unfolding of cylindrical and conical faces with large diameters with an arbitrary number of bends (facets)
Unfolding of single faces, even of solids
Unfolding in new drawing view, new part sketch, or in selected open document
2D sketch available in SolidWorks without restrictions
Update of the unfolding after modification of the model is possible
Library of punching tools
SPI Component Manager included