Tecplot provides visualization and analysis software solutions for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation analytics, visualization and analysis, post-processing, and reservoir simulation (RS) visualization and analysis applications to engineers and scientists. It offers Tecplot Chorus, a CFD simulation analytics tool for engineers to discover trends and anomalies in CFD studies; Tecplot 360, a numerical simulation and CFD visualization tool to analyze, explore, and understand simulation data; Tecplot RS, a reservoir simulation post-processing tool to analyze reservoir simulation forecasts; and Tecplot Focus, an engineering plotting tool to plot and animate mass amounts of data.

Tecplot RS 2017.1.2 x64 $60
Tecplot 360 EX 2017.3.1 + Chorus 2017.3.1 x64 $60
Tecplot Focus 2017 R3 x64 $60
Tecplot Chorus 2016 R1 x64 $55