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Hiero 1.9v1 Win x64 $45


Collaborative shot management, conform, edit and review
HIERO gives you an all-in-one shot management, conform, edit and review solution that makes it simple to move offline to online, organise projects and stay on top of review and versioning at every stage.

With handy automated functionality that cuts out complex manual processes, HIERO integrates seamlessly with NUKE and other production tools to ensure the smooth delivery of collaborative end-to-end projects.

Makes collaborative working easy by removing complicated, error-prone manual processes, taking the pain out of tracking and shot management and allowing the import of media from a wide range of formats, while saving on valuable disk space
Speeds up turnaround and safeguards quality through the efficient round-tripping of shots to VFX using the template-based export system and the delivery of EDLs, XMLs, selects and timeline bakes for later work or delivery
Lets you take control of projects from one central point, with a dedicated toolkit for versioning and review, plus familiar editing tools accessible directly on the timeline
Reduces the high costs associated with traditional workflows by freeing up finishing systems for more effective use, cutting in-house infrastructure costs and enabling full pipeline integration through Python scripting
Integrates deeply into your pipeline with Python scripting to enhance workflow and integrate even more closely with NUKE

The Foundry Katana 2.5v3 x64 $55


High-efficiency lighting and look development
KATANA®'s highly efficient, collaborative approach to lighting and look development gives you the creative scope and scalability to meet the needs of today’s most demanding CG-rendering projects.

Equally suited to both short and long-form animation and VFX projects, KATANA’s unique design lets you work with massive scenes and high volumes of shots; easily reuse looks; and make revisions without repeating scene setup work, so you can spend more time achieving higher quality results.

Collaborate with other team members to share art direction and technical setups
Reuse work between assigned tasks, with flexible node-graph and rule-based workflows
Load even super-large scenes at lightning speeds, thanks to deferred loading and processing
Work in parallel to finish faster with the ability to separately update look-development and animation data
Use your renderer of choice, with a unified workflow for Renderman, V-Ray, Arnold and 3Delight, or add your own renderer
Integrate, automate or customize KATANA to fit your pipeline and processes with extensive C and Python APIs

The Foundry Mari 3.2v1 x64 $55


Creativity unleashed. Complexity handled.
With the artist-friendly 3D paint tools you need to make the most of your creativity, together with the power and performance to handle even the most complex assets, MARI is the clear choice for today’s challenging VFX, animation and games productions.

Able to handle millions of polygons and multiple high-resolution textures without slowing down, MARI takes care of the technical issues so you can focus your energy on using the intuitive brushes and powerful layering system to build up detail where it matters most.

Featuring a real-time interactive environment that directly supports Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Unreal shaders, plus a fully integrated workflow with MODO for rendering and baking, MARI gives you the confidence that your textures will look the way you intended in the end result. And as you’d expect from The Foundry, MARI offers all the avenues for customization you need to make it a perfect fit in your pipeline.

Paint quickly and intuitively in 3D with artist-friendly paint tools, powerful layering, adjustments, procedurals and advanced masking
Keep your creativity flowing in an interactive environment that won’t slow you down, even with the most complex assets and highest resolution textures
Work in a high-fidelity context that closely matches your target platform, with physically based BRDF shading and HDR environment lighting.
Eliminate frustrating and time-consuming multi-application workflows with integrated Arnold, V-Ray, Redshift and Unreal shaders, and MODO rendering and baking
Enjoy seamless pipeline integration with support for industry-standard formats, OpenColorIO, extensive APIs and Python scripting

Mischief 2.1.5 Win $50


Made with Mischief is a wholly owned subsidiary of The Foundry that makes clever, affordable applications for creative people.

Our flagship product is called Mischief and is a fun, easy-to-use pen-based sketching application for Mac and Windows. With its infinite canvas and infinite zoom, Mischief blends sophisticated underlying technology with an elegant, clean interface to create an experience like no other.

If you’re a creative person, we bet you’ll love Mischief. So why not head over to the Mischief website to find out more? You can be up and running (well...drawing) on your very own infinite canvas in no time at all.

The Foundry Modo 11.0v3 x64 $65
The Foundry Modo 10.2v2 x64 + content $65


Creative 3D modeling, texturing & rendering tools
MODO® is your starting point for creative exploration. Whether you’re creating addictive real-time experiences, innovative product designs, compelling advertising images, or engaging film and video content, MODO’s artist-friendly tools let you iterate freely to realize your ideas’ full creative potential.

Faster iterations

With powerful 3D modeling and sculpting tools, and an advanced photorealistic viewport and preview renderer, MODO lets you iterate faster for better concept and production models, look development and interactive design reviews.

Consistency guaranteed

With consistent workflows, modular tool assembly and an intuitive UI, MODO lets you apply the knowledge you gain in your first days of exploration to fulfilling the most complex, sophisticated tasks down the road.

Out-of-the-box value

MODO offers modeling, sculpting, painting, effects and animation tools in one cohesive, easy-to-use content creation package, with unlimited network rendering capabilities and MeshFusion Boolean tools included.

Seamless pipeline integration

MODO fits right into your pipeline, with Python and C++ APIs; a Python TD SDK; a fully customizable UI; and support for industry-standard formats like OpenSubdiv, OpenColorIO, OpenEXR, OpenVDB and Alembic.

Tools for 3D games and VR experiences
Create addictive games and immersive virtual reality experiences that keep people coming back for more, with MODO's innovative real-time 3D content creation tools. With WYSIWYG look-dev for Unity and Unreal, and best-in-class baking, MODO helps you create interactive worlds your customers won’t want to leave.

Play well with others

Easily exchange data between other content creation applications and export to popular games engines for painless pipeline integration. MODO offers support for a wide range industry-standard file formats for geometry, images and motion.

Create UVs the way you want

MODO takes the drudgery out of tedious UV creation tasks, with a toolset that integrates fully with modeling and selection workflows. You can even use falloffs and sculpting tools to deform, smudge and smooth your UVs.

Model with moxie

Take advantage of highly refined modeling workflows to accelerate asset creation. MODO offers modeling tools which feature award-winning MeshFusion Booleans, advanced symmetry, robust snapping controls, plus an integrated sculpting toolset.

Bake it till it’s done

With MODO’s baking tools, you can review your textures as you bake, and watch them refine progressively; tweak settings and make surface changes without waiting for a final render; and store bake-related parameters for reuse with different assets.

High-quality advertising & design visualization
When you need to create convincing stills and animations that communicate, visualize or sell an idea, MODO makes it easy to generate something that looks real, fast. Go beyond the 2D world to immerse your audience in the reality your client wants them to experience, whether or not it already exists!

Creative 3D modeling without constraints

Focus on your art and let MODO worry about the technical side, with fast, intuitive, artist-friendly modeling workflows. Slice, slide, bridge, extrude and combine at will to create better surfaces without slowing down.

Fast and flexible shader creation

Exploit the power of MODO’s layer-based and nodal shading systems to easily build sophisticated materials. Create, modify or reuse presets with intuitive drag-and-drop workflows to quickly develop the look you want.

Make your assets work for you

Segment your work into more manageable parts, avoid repetitive modeling tasks and create repeatable looks. MODO lets you easily create libraries of mesh presets that you can reuse yourself or share with your team.

High-performance rendering: included

Photorealistic rendering at amazing speeds and enormous resolutions comes right in the MODO box. From your first preview to your final frame, MODO’s production-proven renderer helps you stay on deadline and on budget.

3D modeling tools for product design
Conceive, explore and create anything from sunglasses to submarines. From fast iterations to final production meshes, MODO's built-in sculpting and painting, precision modeling featuring award-winning MeshFusion Booleans, and photorealistic rendering tools help you design the future, today.

Liberate your ideas

Free yourself from creativity-killing constraints, with MODO’s intuitive, artist-friendly modeling toolset. From roughing out volumes to creating highly detailed forms, MODO lets you focus on creation, not construction.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

There’s no sense starting from scratch when data already exists in digital form. With MODO’s extensive range of file formats and tools you can import, fix, combine and build upon data from many CAD and 3D applications.

Work your way with customizable tools

Build your own kit of specialized tools by combining different operations, with MODO’s flexible tool assembly system. With MODO, every job you do becomes easier, as you develop efficiencies that make you more productive.

Get more out of MODO with Kits

Extend and enhance MODO to fit your needs with tailored Kits custom developed by our team of experts. Kits are collections of “smart content” that combine scripts, plug-ins and presets to solve specific challenges.

3D content creation tools for film & video
From big-screen blockbusters to TV commercials and 360° video, MODO has a place in every film and video production. Fully customizable and easily integrated into existing pipelines, MODO delivers powerful tools for modeling, character animation, digital matte painting, effects and rendering in one intuitive package.

Bring your world to life

Experience the power of directable, node-based particles; fully integrated rigid and soft-body dynamics; procedural shattering and rigging; and a uniquely flexible deformation system all working with one another within the schematic viewport.

Render film-quality frames

Create stunning, high-quality imagery that rivals any leading rendering solution with MODO's built-in renderer. Support for OpenColorIO and flexible render passes ensure integration with compositing solutions like NUKE.

Reimagine reality

Blend the authentic with the synthetic, and extend the boundaries of your physical set with MODO’s advanced tools for virtual camera creation and digital matte painting. Plus, easily set up a spherical camera rig for use with 360° video footage.

Integrate, automate, extend

Integrate MODO into pipelines or extend its functionality with a C++ API, Python scripting, API and TD SDK. Easily exchange data with support for numerous file formats including OpenSubdiv, OpenVDM, OpenEXR and Alembic.

The Foundry NUKE 10.5v2 x64 $50


NUKE’s extensive node-based compositing toolset gives you the power you need to tackle your projects with confidence. NUKE includes all of the 2D compositing tools you’d expect, together with a full 3D system, plus tools for stereoscopic film and deep image compositing built right in.

NUKE’s unparalleled flexibility, customisability and collaborative workflows help you and your team get the highest quality results—fast. This award-winning toolset is the core that the NUKE range is built on.

Highest quality results
Used by many of the best VFX houses in the industry on the biggest blockbuster movies, NUKE makes producing pixel perfect, film-grade results both painless and creatively satisfying.

Complete compositing toolkit
NUKE’s advanced node-based compositing toolset includes over 200 different nodes, plus a true 3D system, deep compositing tools and support for stereoscopic workflows in the base application.

Speed and efficiency
Work quickly and interactively with NUKE’s cutting-edge toolkits, GPU acceleration and fluid workflows. Everything you need to get the job done fast is built in and ready to go.

NUKE’s node graph, resolution-independent processing, and collaborative nature ensure that the scope of work you can handle with NUKE—both technically and creatively—is unmatched.

Collaborative workflow
Efficient, collaborative workflows lie at the heart of the NUKE range. Whether you're working in a group of artists or running an effects department, NUKE makes teamwork seamless.

Open and customizable
With major operating system support, low hardware requirements, a Python API and seamless compatibility with other members of the NUKE family, NUKE is a perfect fit for your pipeline.

With NUKEX, you get the powerful compositing toolset, the collaborative workflows, and the avenues for customization and pipeline integration of the NUKE core, together with an advanced toolset of 2D and 3D functionality right at your fingertips, reducing the need to round-trip to other packages.

NUKEX takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on being creative. With less need to pass control back to the 3D team, you can more easily maintain your creative intent, and get the job finished faster.

Ultimate compositing toolkit
NUKEX includes all of NUKE’s industry-leading node-based tools, including a true 3D system, deep compositing tools and support for stereoscopic workflows, so you can tackle any project.

Advanced tools for film-grade results
Developed by our award-winning research team, NUKEX offers advanced vector-based workflows for shot clean-up, GPU-accelerated retiming, realistic motion blur, warping, and more.

Less round-tripping with 3D packages
NUKEX’s 3D compositing system includes a 3D Camera Tracker, Point Cloud generator, Model Builder, and Lens Distortion tool, all designed to seamlessly integrate into your compositing workflow.

Share the workload
Share out important day-to-day compositing tasks with a wider team of artists with two NUKE Assist licences that provide core nodes for performing paint, roto, shot clean-up and rig removal.

Cross-team collaboration
With the same collaborative workflows as NUKE—including groups, backdrop nodes, sticky notes and precomps—NUKEX lets you easily communicate, share and work together with others.

Tailor it to your taste
Like NUKE, NUKEX lets you create your own toolkit of common setups and presets to apply across multiple shots or share with other NUKE artists, or write custom tools with the Python API.

Nuke Studio 10.5v4 Win $50


A unique and seamless combination of visual effects, editorial timeline and finishing, NUKE STUDIO lets you composite, conform, edit, color-correct, add effects and playback at 4K. With this end-to-end solution, you can run a whole project from a single desktop, even during client-attended sessions.

As a supervisor or team lead, NUKE STUDIO’s powerful collaborative controls let you distribute shots, easily manage and review versions, share comments, and make tweaks and adjustments within a single cohesive package.

Compositing and much more
With the full power of NUKEX’s advanced node-based compositing built in, NUKE STUDIO includes all the tools you need to get the job done, whether you’re working alone or as part of a team.

Full online-editing toolkit
With its multi-track editorial timeline, NUKE STUDIO’s intuitive and familiar editorial tools get the job done fast, whether you’re editing on set, conforming online, or just knocking out quick edits.

Collaborative control
Generate and share NUKE scripts, collaborate with annotations, easily manage versions, and make tweaks any time. With NUKE STUDIO, handling multiple shots across a team is a breeze.

Flexible to the core
At its core, NUKE STUDIO shares NUKE’s flexibility, with the ability to script your own tools on the timeline, a Python API, and seamless integration with the other members of the NUKE family.

Speed and efficiency
Work fast and interactively with NUKE’s cutting-edge toolkits, GPU acceleration and fluid workflows. Everything you need to get the job done fast is built in and ready to go.

Power and performance
Built to meet the needs of modern production work, NUKE STUDIO offers unparalleled levels of power and confidence whether you’re a team with a deadline or alone with a client.